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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Exceptional opportunity, 4 Bedroom Villa in Villaverde, Fuerteventura, Canaries

4 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Heated 7x3 Swimming pool
Large plot size 1700 sqm
Triple Car Port
Large roof terrace
Garden sun terrace
Furnished with fitted Kitchen
This fabulous 4 bedroom villa is situated in the popular village of Villaverde just a short walk away from the village centre with its shops, quaint bars and fabulous resurants. The property sits in a large plot with a sheltered sun terrace, a covered 3 bay car park, planted flower beds, and a large heated swimming pool.

Inside the property all the bedrooms are a generous size with the master bedroom ensuite. The lounge is bright and and well furnished with Satellite TV. There is a galley style fitted kitchen with a separate large dining room. The large roof terrace offers all day sun and great views across the countryside.

Villaverde is a typical Canarian village located only 12 km outside of Corralejo, the location of Villaverde affords and elevated position with stunning views all around, Villaverde has plenty to offer, be it quality dining, with a variety of restaurants including the hidden gem known as Casa Marcos, a lovely tapas restaurant with a great atmosphere for locals and tourists alike. However, if you like a big plate of meat, then there is only one place for you, El Horno is one of the best restaurants on the island, offering a wide variety dishes to choose from.

The village is centrally located in the north of the island, 12km from Corralejo, 15km to the lagoons of El Cotillo or 20 minutes to the islands capital, Puerto del Rosario and the airport. This is the perfect opportunity to own a fabulous villa in the sun at a fraction of its true value and an opportunity not to be missed, so if you are looking for a permanent residence or a perfect rental home then this investment opportunity has to e for you. For more information email
Telephone 0034 928 535 044

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Improving Property market in the Canary Islands aided by improvement in Sterling vs the Euro

MPC member sets the ball rolling with talk of higher UK interest rates. Greece's fiscal problems worry the euro.

After a day's hesitation in the vicinity of Monday's €1.11 starting point the pound set off higher. It was not quite a straight-line advance (it almost never is) but sterling did not really come to a stop until it topped out at €1.13 on Friday. End of week profit-taking brought a brief setback but the pound was back up beyond €1.63 by the time London opened this morning.

Sterling had a good week on almost every front. On the rare occasions it failed to make progress - and only the yen springs to mind - it was steady. There was not universal support in every case to start with but by Tuesday there was wind in every one of sterling's sails. The pound owed its uncharacteristic advance to the Bank of England, specifically to Andrew Sentance, a member of the Monetary Policy Committee. He told The Guardian newspaper that 'Threadneedle Street has done enough to lift Britain out of its deepest post-war slump and will need to consider raising interest rates this year if a recovering economy poses a threat to inflation.' In his opinion the sixth consecutive quarter of falling output in the third quarter of 2009 presented 'an excessively downbeat' picture of the UK economy and he downplayed the risk of a double-dip recession.

That argument received corroboration the following day. The National Institute for Economic and Social Research ('Britain's longest established independent economic research institute' according to its own blurb) reckons the economy grew by +0.3% in the fourth quarter, contracting by -4.8% in calendar 2009. That last figure was given added punch by simultaneous news that Germany's economy shrank by -5.0% on the year. Although the NIESR is not responsible for the 'official' figures investors were happy to accept that the UK economy had finally returned to growth and they clung to that upbeat mood for the rest of the week.

By contrast, investors did not have their usual disregard for factors detrimental to the euro. They have at last fallen in with the idea that Greece's membership of the euro cuts both ways. Total public sector borrowing in Greece is set to reach 120% of gross domestic product this year and could be as high as 140% of GDP in a couple of years' time. The Greek government says it intends to barrow this budget gap but its deeds have so far fallen short of its words. Some analysts have speculated that a possible solution is for Greece to abandon the euro and go back to issuing its own currency, a sort of Drachma II.

At his press conference on Thursday the president of the European Central Bank made his position clear. First he said the idea of Greece leaving the euro was 'absurd'. Then he went on to say the ECB would offer no special treatment to Greece. That means, following the downgrade of Greek credit ratings, that Greek government bonds will not be eligible as collateral at the ECB once it retightens its rules to pre-crisis standards. Yesterday's Sunday Telegraph carried a piece entitled 'ECB prepares legal ground for euro rupture as Greek crisis escalates'. The official ECB line seems to be that a) there is absolutely no chance of Greece leaving the euro and b) this is what will happen when it does. Investors are less than relaxed about the situation.

The pound has spent most of the last three months between $1.58 and $1.68. It starts this week right at the top of that range and looking punchy. If it can consolidate its gains there is nothing to prevent it reaching €1.15 without too much effort. The uncertainty principle still points to a 50% hedge of any euro requirement but there might be better levels at which to make the transaction. Buyers of the euro who are not already hedged should use a stop order for protection in anticipation of this rally carrying further.

Report provided by moneycorp

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Monday, 18 January 2010

March Opening For Lidls, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Lidls have announced that their new supermarket will open in Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura on the 18th March 2010.

All of the 12 new supermarkets in Tenerife(6), Gran Canaria(4), Lanzarote(1) and Fuerteventura (1) will open during February / March 2010.

Michael Aranda, general director for Lidl in Spain said “Finally Lidl is a reality in the Canary Islands. We have had many obstacles that have now been overcome.” Mr Aranda explained that their objective is to lower the price of shopping in the Canaries, an average Canarian family will be able to save approximately 2,500 Euros each year if they shop in Lidls.To find more information on the supermarket and its ocation vsit Lidl Canary Islands website .

For British property owners on the island this will be a recognisable product from home providing familiar products.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Marina Views and Seafront Position Make For an Ideal Investment

Marina views and seafront position make this town centre apartment a unique investment. Rarely do properties in this ideal location come up for sale as their position means they are always rented out either to holiday visitors who want to be in the heart of Corralejo where either a grilled fish platter looking out to the sea or a late night cocktail in a cosmopolitan bar are available side by side or rented to a longer term resident who wants to be close to their work. This one bedroom 1st floor apartment has a seperate kitchen and bathroom and large lounge windows looking out to Lobos Island, the town beaches and the Marina. For more details on this property or the best buy to lets available talk to Goldacre Estates on 0034 928 535044 or email

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Monday, 11 January 2010

Enjoy life in the centre of Corralejo

Relaxing at your own pace and enjoying life in the centre of town with all amenities and entertainment a stones throw away. Have you always wanted to walk amongst the sunny streets to eat and then take an after dinner stroll to the beach and its many close by bars? This lovely self contained and well appointed apartment with a double sized terrace offers you the opportunity to live the dream with convenient and easily accessed shops and restaurants. Situated within a quiet gated community and with well maintained facilities including three swimming pools, this ground floor wheel chair friendly apartment provides you with the additional piece of mind, with excellent potential to rent out during periods away from Fuerteventura or as a long term rental holiday home. Recently reduced by over 50% this represents a unique investment opportunity.

For details on this or any other investment properties contact us at or call direct 0034 928 535044.

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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Special tax allowances for the Canary Islands over its European mainland counterparts

The Canary Islands enjoys some major tax advantages over the rest of mainland Europe which have not really been exploited because of lack of information available these TAX advantages can be significant and could be the Canary Islands advantage over mainland Spain in the recovery of its economy in 2010.

The Canary Islands are made up of seven different Islands, Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Plama, La Gomera and El Herrio, situated in the Atlantic Ocean just off the North African coast of Morroco the Canaries enjoys good flight communication with the whole of Europe and the rest of the world through the hub of Madrid.

The Canary islands are renowned for its tourism all year through as well as second and holiday homes destinations for people from mixed European destinations who choose to buy property and real estate in the Canary Islands to enjoy winter temperatures of 20 – 21 degrees.

What is the Canary Islands Special Zone?
The Canary Islands Special Zone is a low tax zone created within the framework of the Canary Islands Economic and Fiscal Regime (REF) for the purpose of promoting the economic and social development of the Islands and diversifying their production structure.
The Canary Islands Special Zone was authorised by the European Commission in January 2000 and extended in December 2006. The Spanish Government subsequently adapted the regulations concerning the ZEC contained in the Canary Islands Economic and Fiscal Regime, in accordance with the terms of the corresponding authorisations (Title V of Law 19/1994, as amended by Royal Decree-Law 12/2006 and implemented by Royal Decree-Law 1758/2007 1758/2007).
The benefits provided by the Canary Islands Special Zone will initially remain in force until 31 December 2019, and this time frame may be extended on the authorisation of the European Commission. The final date for authorisation to register in the Official ZEC Register (ROEZEC) will initially be 31 December 2013.
Where can ZEC Entities be set up?
The ZEC covers the whole territory of the Canary Islands, with the following specifications:
Entities whose corporate purpose is the undertaking of service activities may set up anywhere within the territory of the Canary Islands.
Entities whose corporate purpose is the production, transformation, handling or commercialisation of goods may only set up within certain areas designated for these purposes.
Tax Benefits

Corporate Income Tax
ZEC entities are subject to the Corporate Income Tax in force in Spain, at a reduced rate of 4%. As of 2008, the Corporate Income Tax rate in Spain ranges from 25 to 30%. The special rate of 4% shall be applied to a maximum amount of the tax base, depending on the number of jobs created and the type of activity carried out by the ZEC Entity.
Net Employment Creation
Industrial Activities
Service Activities
Other services *
From 3 to 8 workers
More than 8 and up to 12 workers
More than 12 and up to 20 workers
More than 20 and up to 50 workers
More than 50 and up to 100 workers
More than 100 workers
*“Other Services” are considered to be: wholesale trade and commission trade (except of motor vehicles and motorcycles); activities of travel agencies and tour operators; other tourist assistance activities; computer and related activities; legal, accounting and book-keeping activities; tax consultancy; market research and public opinion polling; business and management consultancy; management activities of holding companies; and advertising and public relations services.
The Canary Islands form part of the Spanish and European Union territory, which means that:
Double Taxation Agreements signed by Spain apply to ZEC Entities.
The European Union Parent-Subsidiary Directive applies to ZEC Entities. Therefore, dividends paid by subsidiaries of ZEC Entities to their parent companies resident in other countries within the European Union are exempt from withholding tax.
ZEC regulations include application of the following exemptions to income obtained by residents in non-EU states when the income is paid by a ZEC Entity and results from operations materially and effectively carried out within the geographical area of the ZEC.
Individuals: Interest and other returns obtained by the assignment of own capital to a third party, as well as capital gains on movable assets, obtained without the intermediation of a permanent establishment.Corporate Entities: profits paid to parent companies by its subsidiaries domiciled in Spain.
These exemptions will not apply when the income is obtained through tax havens or territories with which there is no effective exchange of tax information, or when the parent company has its tax residence in such countries or territories.
ZEC Entities are exempt from Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty in the following cases:
The acquisition of assets and rights to be used for carrying out the activity of the ZEC Entity within the geographical area of the ZEC.
Company operations carried out by ZEC Entities, except in the case of their dissolution.
Stamp Duty on documents associated with operations carried out by ZEC Entities within the geographical area of the ZEC.
IGIC is the Canary Islands indirect tax levied on final consumption, in substitution of the European Union Value Added Tax (VAT). It is similar in nature to VAT, although there are major differences such as the lower tax rates. The general IGIC rate is 5%.
Within the regime of the ZEC, the provision of goods and services among ZEC Entities is exempt from IGIC, as is the importing of goods by ZEC Entities.
What are the reguirements to becoming a ZEC entity?
· The entity must be newly created and have its registered office and effective place of management within the geographical area of the ZEC
· At least one of the administrators must be resident in the Canary Islands.
· A minimum investment of €100,000 euros must be made in the case of Tenerife or Gran Canaria, or €50,000 in the case of Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Gomera, El Hierro or La Palma, in fixed assets related to the business activity within the first 2 years following registration.
· A minimum of 5 or 3 jobs must be created, depending on whether the location is one of the capital islands or an outlying island, in the first 6 months following registration, and this average must be maintained during the time the entity remains within the ZEC.
· The corporate purpose must consist of undertaking, within the area of the ZEC, one of the authorised activities.

1. Fishing (05.01)
2. Fish farming (05.02)
1. Production, processing and preserving
of meat and meat products (15.1)
• Production and preserving of meat
• Production and preserving of
poultrymeat (15.12)
• Production of meat and
poultrymeat products (15.13)
2. Processing and preserving of fish and
fish products (15.2)
3. Processing and preserving of fruit and
vegetables (15.3)
• Processing and preserving of
potatoes (15.31)
• Manufacture of fruit and vegetable
juice (15.32)
• Processing and preserving of fruit
and vegetables n.e.c. (15.33)
4. Manufacture of vegetable and animal
oils and fats (15.4)
• Manufacture of crude oils and fats
• Manufacture of refined oils and fats
• Manufacture of margarine and
similar edible fats (15.43)
5. Manufacture of dairy products (15.5)
• Operation of dairies and cheese
making (15.51)
• Manufacture of ice cream (15.52)
6. Manufacture of grain mill products,
starches and starch products (15.6)
• Manufacture of grain mill products
• Manufacture of starches and starch
products (15.62)
7. Manufacture of prepared animal feeds
• Manufacture of prepared feeds for
farm animals (15.71)
• Manufacture of prepared pet foods
8. Manufacture of other food products
• Manufacture of bread; manufacture
of fresh pastry goods and cakes
• Manufacture of rusks and biscuits;
manufacture of preserved pastry
goods and cakes (15.82)
• Manufacture of sugar (15.83)
• Manufacture of cocoa; chocolate
and sugar confectionery (15.84)
• Manufacture of macaroni, noodles,
couscous and similar farinaceous
products (15.85)
• Processing of tea and coffee (15.86)
• Manufacture of condiments and
seasonings (15.87)
• Manufacture of homogenized food
preparations and dietetic food
Information Bulletin
• Manufacture of other food products n.e.c. (15.89)
9. Manufacture of beverages (15.9)
• Manufacture of distilled potable alcoholic beverages
• Production of ethyl alcohol from fermented
materials (15.92)
• Manufacture of wines (15.93)
• Manufacture of cider and other fruit wines (15.94)
• Manufacture of other non-distilled fermented
beverages (15.95)
• Manufacture of beer (15.96)
• Manufacture of malt (15.97)
• Production of mineral waters and soft drinks (15.98)
10. Manufacture of tobacco products (16.0)
NACE 17.4, 17.5, 17.6, 17 and 18.
1. Manufacture of made-up textile articles, except apparel
2. Manufacture of other textiles (17.5)
• Manufacture of carpets and rugs (17.51)
• Manufacture of cordage, rope, twine and netting
• Manufacture of non-wovens and articles made from
non-wovens, except apparel (17.53)
• Manufacture of other textiles n.e.c. (17.54)
3. Manufacture of knitted and crocheted fabrics (17.6)
4. Manufacture of knitted and crocheted articles (17.7)
• Manufacture of knitted and crocheted hosiery (17.71)
• Manufacture of knitted and crocheted pullovers,
cardigans and similar articles (17.72)
5. Manufacture of wearing apparel; dressing and dyeing of
fur (18)
• Manufacture of leather clothes (18.1)
• Manufacture of other wearing apparel and
accessories (18.2)
• Manufacture of workwear (18.21)
• Manufacture of other outerwear (18.22)
• Manufacture of underwear (18.23)
• Manufacture of other wearing apparel and
accessories n.e.c. (18.24)
• Dressing and dyeing of fur; manufacture of articles of
fur (18.3)
1. Tanning and dressing of leather (19.1)
2. Manufacture of luggage, handbags and the like, saddlery
and harnesses (19.2)
3. Manufacture of footwear (19.3)
1. Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products (21)
• Manufacture of pulp (21.11)
• Manufacture of paper and paperboard (21.12)
• Manufacture of corrugated paper and paperboard
and of containers of paper and paperboard (21.21)
• Manufacture of household and sanitary goods and of
toilet requisites (21.22)
• Manufacture of paper stationery (21.23)
• Manufacture of wallpaper (21.24)
• Manufacture of other articles of paper and
paperboard n.e.c. (21.25)
2. Publishing (22.1)
• Publishing of books (22.11)
• Publishing of newspapers (22.12)
• Publishing of journals and periodicals (22.13)
• Publishing of sound recordings (22.14)
• Other publishing (22.15)
3. Printing and service activities related to printing (22.2)
• Printing of newspapers (22.21)
• Printing n.e.c. (22.22)
• Bookbinding (22.23)
• Pre-press activities (22.24)
• Ancillary activities related to printing (22.25)
4. Reproduction of recorded media (22.3)
• Reproduction of sound recording (22.31)
• Reproduction of video recording (22.32)
• Reproduction of computer media (22.33)
1. Manufacture of basic chemicals (24.1)
• Manufacture of industrial gases (24.11)
• Manufacture of dyes and pigments (24.12)
• Manufacture of other inorganic basic chemicals
Detailed List of Activities
• Manufacture of other organic basic chemicals (24.14)
• Manufacture of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds
• Manufacture of plastics in primary forms (24.16)
• Manufacture of synthetic rubber in primary forms
2. Manufacture of pesticides and other agro-chemical
products (24.2)
3. Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings,
printing ink and mastics (24.3)
4. Manufacture of pharmaceuticals, medicinal chemicals
and botanical products (24.4)
• Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products
• Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations (24.42)
5. Manufacture of soap and detergents, cleaning and
polishing preparations (24.51)
6. Manufacture of perfumes and toilet preparations (24.52)
7. Manufacture of other chemical products (24.6)
• Manufacture of explosives (24.61)
• Manufacture of glues and gelatines (24.62)
• Manufacture of essential oils (24.63)
• Manufacture of photographic chemical material
• Manufacture of prepared unrecorded media (24.65)
• Manufacture of other chemical products n.e.c.
8. Manufacture of man-made fibres (24.7)
20.2, 20.3, 24.3, 25.2, 26.1, 26.2, 26.3, 26.4, 26.7, 28.1,
28.12, 28.2, 28.63, 28.7, 36.1, 45.25, 45.3 and 45.4.
1. Manufacture of veneer sheets; manufacture of plywood,
laminboard, particle board, fibre board and other panels
and boards (20.2)
2. Manufacture of builders’ carpentry and joinery (20.3)
3. Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings,
printing ink and mastics (24.3)
4. Manufacture of plastic products (25.2)
• Manufacture of plastic plates, sheets, tubes and
profiles (25.21)
• Manufacture of plastic packing goods (25.22)
• Manufacture of builders’ ware of plastic (25.23)
• Manufacture of other plastic products (25.24)
5. Manufacture of glass and glass products (26.1)
• Manufacture of flat glass (26.11)
• Shaping and processing of flat glass (26.12)
• Manufacture of hollow glass (26.13)
• Manufacture of glass fibres (26.14)
• Manufacture and processing of other glass, including
technical glassware (26.15)
6. Manufacture of non-refractory ceramic goods other
than for construction purposes; manufacture of
refractory ceramic products (26.2)
• Manufacture of ceramic household and ornamental
articles (26.21)
• Manufacture of ceramic sanitary fixtures (26.22)
• Manufacture of ceramic insulators and insulating
fittings (26.23)
• Manufacture of other technical ceramic products
• Manufacture of other ceramic products (26.25)
• Manufacture of refractory ceramic products (26.26)
7. Manufacture of ceramic tiles and flags (26.3)
8. Manufacture of bricks, tiles and construction products,
in baked clay (26.4)
9. Cutting, shaping and finishing of ornamental and building
stone (26.7)
10. Manufacture of structural metal products (28.1)
• Manufacture of metal structures and parts of
structures (28.11)
• Manufacture of builders’ carpentry and joinery of
metal (28.12)
11. Manufacture of tanks, reservoirs and containers of
metal; manufacture of central heating radiators and
boilers (28.2)
• Manufacture of tanks, reservoirs and containers of
metal (28.21)
• Manufacture of central heating radiators and boilers
12. Manufacture of locks and hinges (28.63)
13. Manufacture of other fabricated metal products (28.7)
• Manufacture of steel drums and similar containers
• Manufacture of light metal packaging (28.72)
• Manufacture of wire products (28.73)
• Manufacture of fasteners, screw machine products,
chain and springs (28.74)
• Manufacture of other fabricated metal products
n.e.c. (28.75)
Information Bulletin
14. Manufacture of furniture (36.1)
• Manufacture of chairs and seats (36.11)
• Manufacture of other office and shop furniture
• Manufacture of other kitchen furniture (36.13)
• Manufacture of other furniture (36.14)
• Manufacture of mattresses (36.15)
15. Other construction work involving special trades
16. Building installation (45.3)
• Installation of electrical wiring and fittings (45.31)
• Insulation work activities (45.32)
• Plumbing (45.33)
• Other building installation (45.34)
17. Building completion (45.4)
• Plastering (45.41)
• Joinery installation (45.42)
• Floor and wall covering (45.43)
• Painting and glazing (45.44)
• Other building completion (45.45)
1. Manufacture of machinery for the production and use
of mechanical power, except aircraft, vehicle and cycle
engines (29.1)
• Manufacture of engines and turbines, except aircraft,
vehicle and cycle engines (29.11)
• Manufacture of pumps and compressors ( 29.12)
• Manufacture of taps and valves (29.13)
• Manufacture of bearings, gears, gearing and driving
elements (29.14)
2. Manufacture of other general purpose machinery (29.2)
• Manufacture of furnaces and furnace burners (29.21)
• Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment (29.22)
• Manufacture of non-domestic cooling and ventilation
equipment (29.23)
• Manufacture of other general purpose machinery
n.e.c. (29.24)
3. Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery
• Manufacture of agricultural tractors (29.31)
• Manufacture of other agricultural and forestry
machinery (29.32)
4. Manufacture of machine-tools (29.4)
• Manufacture of portable hand held power tools
• Manufacture of other metalworking machine tools
• Manufacture of other machine tools n.e.c. (29.43)
5. Manufacture of other special purpose machinery (29.5)
• Manufacture of machinery for metallurgy (29.51)
• Manufacture of machinery for mining, quarrying and
construction (29.52)
• Manufacture of machinery for food, beverage and
tobacco processing (29.53)
• Manufacture of machinery for textile, apparel and
leather production (29.54)
• Manufacture of machinery for paper and paperboard
production (29.55)
• Manufacture of other special purpose machinery
n.e.c. (29.56)
6. Manufacture of weapons and ammunition (29.6)
7. Manufacture of domestic appliances n.e.c. (29.7)
• Manufacture of electric domestic appliances (29.71)
• Manufacture of non-electric domestic appliances
1. Manufacture of office machinery and computers (30.0)
• Manufacture of office machinery (30.01)
• Manufacture of computers and other information
processing equipment (30.02)
2. Manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus n.e.c.
• Manufacture of electric motors, generators and
transformers (31.1)
3. Manufacture of electricity distribution and control
apparatus (31.2)
4. Manufacture of insulated wire and cable (31.3)
5. Manufacture of accumulators, primary cells and primary
batteries (31.4)
6. Manufacture of lighting equipment and electric lamps
7. Manufacture of electrical equipment n.e.c. (31.6)
• Manufacture of electrical equipment for engines and
vehicles n.e.c. (31.61)
• Manufacture of other electrical equipment n.e.c.
Detailed List of Activities
8. Manufacture of radio, television and communication
equipment and apparatus (32)
• Manufacture of electronic valves and tubes and other
electronic components (32.1)
• Manufacture of television and radio transmitters
and apparatus for line telephony and line telegraphy
• Manufacture of television and radio receivers, sound
or video recording or reproducing apparatus and
associated goods (32.3)
9. Manufacture of medical, precision and optical
instruments, watches and clocks (33)
• Manufacture of medical and surgical equipment and
orthopaedic appliances (33.1)
• Manufacture of instruments and appliances for
measuring, checking, testing, navigating and other
purposes, except industrial process control
equipment (33.2)
• Manufacture of industrial process control equipment
• Manufacture of optical instruments and photographic
equipment (33.4)
• Manufacture of watches and clocks (33.5)
1. Manufacture of furniture (36.1)
• Manufacture of chairs and seats (36.11)
• Manufacture of other office and shop furniture
• Manufacture of other kitchen furniture (36.13)
• Manufacture of other furniture (36.14)
• Manufacture of mattresses (36.15)
2. Manufacture of jewellery and related articles (36.2)
• Striking of coins (36.21)
• Manufacture of jewellery and related articles n.e.c.
3. Manufacture of musical instruments (36.3)
4. Manufacture of sports goods (36.4)
5. Manufacture of games and toys (36.5)
6. Miscellaneous manufacturing n.e.c. (36.6)
• Manufacture of imitation jewellery (36.61)
• Manufacture of brooms and brushes (36.62)
• Other manufacturing n.e.c. (36.63)
1. Recycling of metal waste and scrap (37.1)
2. Recycling of non-metal waste and scrap (37.2)
TRADE. NACE 50 and 51.
1. Sale of motor vehicles (50.1)
2. Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles (50.2)
3. Sale of motor vehicle parts and accessories (50.3)
4. Sale, maintenance and repair of motorcycles and related
parts and accessories (50.4)
5. Retail sale of automotive fuel (50.5)
6. Wholesale on a fee or contract basis (51.1)
• Agents involved in the sale of agricultural raw
materials, live animals, textile raw materials and
semi-finished goods (51.11)
• Agents involved in the sale of fuels, ores, metals and
industrial chemicals (51.12)
• Agents involved in the sale of timber and building
materials (51.13)
• Agents involved in the sale of machinery, industrial
equipment, ships and aircraft (51.14)
• Agents involved in the sale of furniture, household
goods, hardware and ironmongery (51.15)
• Agents involved in the sale of textiles, clothing,
footwear and leather goods (51.16)
• Agents involved in the sale of food, beverages and
tobacco (51.17)
• Agents specializing in the sale of particular products
or ranges of products n.e.c. (51.18)
• Agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods
7. Wholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals
• Wholesale of grain, seeds and animal feeds (51.21)
• Wholesale of flowers and plants (51.22)
• Wholesale of live animals (51.23)
• Wholesale of hides, skins and leather (51.24)
• Wholesale of unmanufactured tobacco (51.25)
8. Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco (51.3)
Information Bulletin
• Wholesale of fruit and vegetables (51.31)
• Wholesale of meat and meat products (51.32)
• Wholesale of dairy produce, eggs and edible oils and
fats (51.33)
• Wholesale of alcoholic and other beverages (51.34)
• Wholesale of tobacco products (51.35)
• Wholesale of sugar and chocolate and sugar
confectionery (51.36)
• Wholesale of coffee, tea, cocoa and spices (51.37)
• Wholesale of other food, including fish, crustaceans
and molluscs (51.38)
• Non-specialized wholesale of food, beverages and
tobacco (51.39)
9. Wholesale of household goods (51.4)
• Wholesale of textiles (51.41)
• Wholesale of clothing and footwear (51.42)
• Wholesale of electrical household appliances and
radio and television goods (51.43)
• Wholesale of china and glassware, wallpaper and
cleaning materials (51.44)
• Wholesale of perfume and cosmetics (51.45)
• Wholesale of pharmaceutical goods (51.46)
• Wholesale of other household goods (51.47)
10. Wholesale of non-agricultural intermediate products,
waste and scrap (51.5)
• Wholesale of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and
related products (51.51)
• Wholesale of metals and metal ores (51.52)
• Wholesale of wood, construction materials and
sanitary equipment (51.53)
• Wholesale of hardware, plumbing and heating
equipment and supplies (51.54)
• Wholesale of chemical products (51.55)
• Wholesale of other intermediate products (51.56)
• Wholesale of waste and scrap (51.57)
11. Wholesale of machinery, equipment and supplies (51.8)
• Wholesale of machine-tools (51.81)
• Wholesale of mining, construction and civil
engineering machinery (51.82)
• Wholesale of machinery for the textile industry and
of sewing and knitting machines (51.83)
• Wholesale of computers, computer peripheral
equipment and software (51.84).
• Wholesale of other office machinery and equipment
• Wholesale of other machinery for use in industry,
trade and navigation (51.87)
• Wholesale of agricultural machinery and accessories
and implements, including tractors (51.88)
12. Other wholesale (51.9)
1. Land transport; transport via pipelines (60)
• Transport via railways (60.1)
• Other scheduled passenger land transport (60.21)
• Taxi operation (60.22)
• Other land passenger transport (60.23)
• Freight transport by road (60.24)
• Transport via pipelines (60.3)
2. Water transport (61)
3. Air transport (62)
• Scheduled air transport (62.1)
• Non-scheduled air transport (62.2)
• Space transport (62.3)
4. Supporting and auxiliary transport activities; activities of
travel agencies (63)
• Cargo handling (63.11)
• Storage and warehousing (63.12)
5. Other supporting transport activities (63.2)
• Other supporting land transport activities (63.21)
• Other supporting water transport activities (63.22)
• Other supporting air transport activities (63.23)
6. Activities of travel agencies and tour operators; tourist
assistance activities n.e.c. (63.3)
7. Activities of other transport agencies (63.4)
8. Post and courier activities (64.1)
• National post activities (64.11)
• Courier activities other than national post activities
9. Telecommunications (64.2)
Detailed List of Activities
* Co-ordination centres and intra-group services are excluded from the services included in NACE group 74.15 (“Other business activities”).
NACE 72.
1. Hardware consultancy (72.1)
2. Software consultancy and supply (72.2)
• Publishing of software (72.21)
• Other software consultancy and supply (72.22)
3. Data processing (72.3)
4. Database activities (72.4)
5. Maintenance and repair of office, accounting and
computing machinery (72.5)
6. Other computer related activities (72.6)
1. Research and experimental development on natural
sciences and engineering (73.1)
2. Research and experimental development on social
sciences and humanities (73.2)
1. Legal activities (74.11)
2. Accounting, book-keeping and auditing activities; tax
consultancy (74.12)
3. Market research and public opinion polling (74.13)
4. Business and management consultancy activities (74.14)
5. Management activities of holding companies* (74.15)
6. Architectural and engineering activities and related
technical consultancy (74.2)
7. Technical testing and analysis (74.3)
8. Advertising (74.4)
9. Labour recruitment and provision of personnel (74.5)
10. Investigation and security activities (74.6)
11. Industrial cleaning (74.7)
12. Miscellaneous business activities n.e.c. (74.8)
• Photographic activities (74.81)
• Packaging activities (74.82)
• Secretarial and translation activities (74.85)
• Call centre activities (74.86)
• Other business activities n.e.c. (74.87)
SERVICES. NACE 80.3 and 80.4.
1. Higher education (80.3)
2. Adult and other education (80.4)
• Driving school activities (80.41)
• Adult and other education n.e.c. (80.42)
NACE 92.11.

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Friday, 8 January 2010

Thomas Cook announce flight deals to Fuerteventura and the Canary Island

Thomas Cook are offering some great deals on flights to the Canaries with £20 off seats between February and April.

Flights to Fuerteventura can be found from as little as £51.99

These are fantastic prices for those wishing to find some winter sun and for property owners on the Canary islands looking to visit the UK for the winter sales.

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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Reduced Golf Property in Fuerteventura

This detached villa next to the golf course in Las Playitas, Fuerteventura has just been reduced by €44,000 for a limited time. The purchase price is now €316,000 down from €360,000 outstanding value as this villa has 4 bedrooms over three floors, a plot size of 1,500m2 and borders a natural park which leads down to the seashore just a few minutes walk away. Also in walking distance is the newly extended 18 hole golf course and academy of Las Playitas which also boasts a heated Olympic swimming pool and gymnasium plus a variety of restaurants and water sports facilities. The larger town of Gran Tarajal is a 5 minute drive away where a Blue Flag beach awaits alongside a new Marina and ferry terminal. The style, size, quality and favored position of this villa makes it an ideal rental investment, holiday home or permanent residence and at this new price offers a solid capital return.

For more information on this or other property options contact us at or call directly 0034 928 535044.

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Monday, 4 January 2010

Skyscanner reveals top 50 destinations for UK travellers

Travel search site reveals the top 50 most searched for destinations from UK airports for travel in 2010.

In the top spot is Malaga, moving up one place from last year. Tenerife and Alicante are second and third, meaning Spain takes the top three positions.

Orlando is a new entry into the top ten, rising 12 places since last year. Dalaman holds its position as the 5th most searched for destination for a second year in a row, whist New York also brakes into the top 10, up five positions from last year.

Palma comes in 8th, losing one spot since last year; Lanzarote is 9th, rising four places, and Geneva is 10th, dropping two places.

Overall Spain is yet again the most popular country for Brits to visit, with 11 Spanish destinations within the top 50, five of which are in the top 10.

“These early indications show that Spain is still by far the most popular destination for British travellers. Medium and long haul locations also seem to be on the rise compared to last year, suggesting that holiday budgets may be growing after a tough financial year” said Barry Smith, Skyscanner co-founder and business director.

Brand new entries to the top 10 are Johannesburg and Cape Town, which will be welcoming the World Cup in 2010. Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong also entered the top 50.

Destinations dropping most in search volume are Edinburgh, Salzburg, Murcia and London. Fuerteventura also fell in the rankings but the fall was dispraportionate to the year before because of Ryanair suspending its service. Other airlines stepped in, such as Easyjet, Palm Air, Monarch and Jet2 to fill the gap but not in time to halt the slide in the ranking. In the coming year Fuerteventura will be helped with the new airport terminal opening and the capability to welcome more flights to the island. Irish property owners and visitors will be helped with Ryanair reinstating its flights to the island in March 2010.

1. Malaga, (Spain) [+1]
2. Tenerife (Spain) [+2]
3. Alicante (Spain)[0]
4. Orlando (USA) [+12]
5. Dalaman (Turkey) [0]
6. Faro (Portugal) [0]
7. New York (USA) [+5]
8. Palma (Spain) [-1]
9. Lanzarote (Spain) [+4]
10. Geneva (Switzerland) [-2]

11. Bangkok (Thailand) [+11]
12. Paphos (Cyprus) [-3]
13. Barcelona (Spain) [+1]
14. London (UK) [-13]
15. Bodrum (Turkey) [-4]
16. Paris (France) [+1]
17. Rome (Italy) [-2]
18. Gran Canaria (Spain) [+1]
19. Larnaca (Cyprus) [+1]
20. Sydney (Australia) [+7]

21. Johannesburg (South Africa) [New Entry]
22. Amsterdam (Netherlands) [-4]
23. Murcia (Spain) [-13]
24. Dublin (Ireland) [-1]
25. Ibiza (Spain) [+5]
26. Prague (Czech Republic) [-2]
27. Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) [+11]
28. Auckland (New Zealand) [+11]
29. Venice (Italy) [+4]
30. Luqa (Malta) [+5]

31. Krakow (Poland) [-5]
32. Las Vegas (USA) [+13]
33. Cape Town (South Africa) [New Entry]
34. Melbourne (Australia) [New Entry]
35. Fuerteventura (Spain) [-10]
36. Berlin (Germany) [+1]
37. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) [New Entry]
38. Marrakech (Morocco) [-9]
39. Milan (Italy) [-7]
40. Dubai (UAE) [New Entry]

41. Madrid (Spain) [-5]
42. Hong Kong (Hong Kong) [New Entry]
43. Perth (Australia) [New Entry]
44. Edinburgh (UK) [-16]
45. Munich (Germany) [New Entry]
46. Salzburg (Austria) [-15]
47. Crete (Greece) [-6]
48. Brisbane (Australia) [New Entry]
49. Sofia (Bulgaria) [-2]
50. Nice (France) [-2]

About Skyscanner
Skyscanner is a leading travel search site based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Skyscanner provides instant online comparison on flight prices for over 670,000 routes on over 600 airlines, as well as car hire, hotel and holiday price comparison. With Skyscanner, users can browse without having to enter specific dates or even destinations, and Skyscanner is available in 20 different languages including French, German and Spanish.

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