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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The crisis according to Albert Einstein

We can’t hope for things to change if we don’t change.
Crisis is the best thing that could happen to people and countries because crisis brings evolution.
Creativity is born from anxiety like daylight comes after the night.
It is during a crisis that inventiveness, discoveries and the big strategies are born. Those who can get over a crisis better themselves and are not beaten.
Those who blame their failures and poverty on Crisis are damaging their own talent and respect problems more than solutions.
The true crisis is the incompetence crisis.
The problem with people and countries is their laziness in finding solutions.
Without crisis there wouldn’t be any challenges, without challenges life is a routine, a slow agony. Without crisis there is no merit.
During crisis the best in people comes out, because without crisis the wind always strokes us. To speak about the crisis is to promote it, and to shut up about it is to praise conformity.
Instead of all this we will work hard. We will put an end at once to the only real threatening crisis which is the tragedy of not wanting to fight and get over it.

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Thomas Cook Flights to Fuerteventura

Great news for tourists coming to the island or those of us that live here looking for a quick trip back to the UK, Thomas Cook is having a flight sale to various destinations including the Canaries and in particular Fuerteventura. By following the link you can go to their web site and search for flights from as low as 47.99€ seat only, one way. The flights are from Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and London Gatwick and the prices are for online bookings only.

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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Is the overseas Real Estate market beginning to show signs of improvememnt …….

According to they have reported seeing an increase in the number of websearches for spanish real estate increasing over French real estate and amercican real estate from the British marketplace as over 1 million search for overseas property in February, the number of enquires being mirrored by GoldAcre Estates for Canary Islands real estate and golf property runs very much in line with the increase in sales for the same period…………

In spite of difficult economic conditions and significant falls in the value of Sterling, searches for international property on increased in January 2009 by 72% month-on-month and broke through the one million barrier in February, according to data released yesterday. Spain was the most popular country searched for on the portal, attracting just under 300,000 searches, some 60,000 ahead of last month’s most popular country, France (238,729). The USA held on to its third position with 153,912.The portal believes that the countries that have performed the best y-o-y are those located outside the Eurozone, with the USA for example rising by 130% in popularity during that time. Searches for Turkish and Australian property also performed well with a rises in searches of 25% and 18% y-o-y.“After a slow down in searches for international property in the second half of 2008, we have had a very strong start to 2009,” said the portal’s international business development manager Ann Wright. “Searches for international properties on were up 72% on December and February searches and leads to agents look to be up over 100% on January. Some of the growth is in areas outside the Eurozone where sterling has suffered less than it has against the Euro. It may also be that people who held off investing in 2008 are now hoping to take advantage of the falling prices in some areas.”

Top 10 searches in February 2009 through
1 Spain 299,762
2 France 238,729
3 USA 153,912
4 Italy 65,126
5 Portugal 56,882
6 UAE 18,596
7 Turkey 15,105
8 Australia 14,545
9 Cyprus 12,611
10 Bulgaria 12,220

Total searches during February: 1,002,810Monthly search destinations – Top 10 January 2009 1 France 29%
2 Spain 23%
3 USA 15%
4 Italy 6%
5 Portugal 5%
6 Australia 2%
7 UAE 2%
8 Turkey 2%
9 Cyprus 1%
10 Bulgaria 1%

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