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Saturday 1 November 2008

We are still in love with Spain

Despite the fact that the Spanish property market is suffering a drought in terms of buyer activity at the moment, don’t be fooled for a second into thinking that we Brits have fallen out of love with Spain. For one thing, there has to be more to Spain than its property market to have attracted something in the region of 760,000 Brits to relocate here.
The allure of Spain is far more than the weather as well, and it’s an evergreen destination – i.e., no matter how many slings and arrows of outrageous fortune fall on Spain, we cannot help loving it enough to holiday or relocate there.
Spain has it everything, all regions of the nation are accessible from all parts of the UK and usually for a fair price. Not only that, but the climate is fantastic with Spain averaging 137 days of sunshine compared to just the 52 that we have each year in the UK, in fact the Canary Islands have a 52 weeks of sunshine. The culture is rich and diverse in Spain, the cuisine is thoroughly appealing, the wine is delicious, the history of the nation is fascinating, and then to cap it all off, the scenery in Spain is breathtakingly magnificent
If you’re not yet convinced however, consider the fact that the nation is also vast, and because of Spain’s landmass you have such diversity, therefore there is a part of Spain that appeals to each and every one of us. For those who prefer a more temperate climate, Northern Spain is cooler for example, and for those who want as much sunshine as possible, the Costas are ideal. Alternatively, if you’re a winter sports enthusiast or a lover of the great outdoors, what about the Pyrenees or the Sierra Nevada, and if you prefer island living then there are the Spanish Balearic and Canary Islands of course. And there is even a property type and a property price for everyone nowadays.
As the underlying appeal of Spain has not been damaged by the falling property prices, many Britons are taking advantage of the fact that you can now finally find truly good value for money in the Spanish real estate marketplace. If you’re seriously contemplating a move then as a buyer you’re best placed to be the one doing the negotiating. In fact, it could be that there has never been a better time to buy in!
And finally, the lifestyle that relocating Britons find in Spain could not be further removed from what we are used to in the UK. For example, there is far more emphasis on the family and on relaxing and enjoying life in Spain than there is in the UK. Brits quickly adapt to this change in culture and realise what they have been missing out on by constantly being on the go in the UK and living to work rather than just working enough to live
There is so much in Spain’s favour that we Brits cannot do anything about the love and passion we feel for this nation. It appeals to us on all levels, and now that Spanish house prices are falling and it is therefore becoming easier to buy in to the inimitably enjoyable and good lifestyle that Spain offers, so those Brits already living the dream in Spain can soon expect to be joined by a whole host of new British neighbours!

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