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Thursday 12 November 2009

GoldAcre Estates launches Fractional Ownership properties in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

GoldAcre Estates Fuerteventura’s leading Estate Agent has just launched a fractional ownership program in conjunction with the Fractional Property Group which will eventually rolled out throughout the Canary Islands and Spain.

John GoldAcre stated that the Spanish Real Estate market was going through a significant change, not just because of the current economic downturn but in general a lot of the ‘quick buck Estates Agents’ have now gone and we are starting to a core of more professionally run Estate Agencies throughout Spain, that are more focused on clients needs and the key element of client satisfaction.

New products are being investigated by Real Estate Agents such as the growing market of Fractional Ownership which is being driven by consumer demand for high quality properties without the need to obtain mortgages, client recent experience with banks have made them look differently at their overseas purchases and the amount of money they are prepared to expose themselves to, Fractional Ownership provides the client with the opportunity of owning freehold property in the Canary Islands without the need to commit to the full capital value of the property.

John commented that it was very important that the integrity and value of any program is maintained as otherwise Fractional Ownership will just end up falling into the same category as timeshare, for example some Real Estate Agents are trying to introduce 10 or 12 shares on property just to try to make it look cheap.

The maximum John GoldAcre said that GoldAcre Estates will arrange any Fractional Ownership program for is 4 or 6 shares, which would give each individual owner either 2 or 3 months usage of their property spread throughout the year.

All the properties with be furnished to a luxurious quality with everything taken care of the for the owners, the owners useage program will be based on a 4 year rolling calendar which will give the owners useage every season and every month of the year over the 4 year term, each owner can sell their shares independently of the other owners at any time.

GoldAcre Estates Fractional Ownership program commences with two different styles of property, one being frontline Apartments to the sea the other being Villas.

The apartments are Luxury 3 bedroom 2 bathroom sea facing, close to a marina and Blue flag beach. Each apartment has 42 m2 terraces and has it own parking underground, the facilities include a 27 m long pool, Gym and lifts to all floors, 1/6th Shares are only 45,000 euros each, John made the point that at this price this was less than the cost of a cheap one bedroom apartment.

The Villa is situated close to one of the main towns in the North of Fuerteventura and features Two Bedrooms parking and Gardens and 1/6th shares are only 32,000 euros each.

GoldAcre stated the advantage to a buyer of Fractional Ownership is that each owner does not have to worry about the day to day running of their property all bills are paid all the cleaning and maintenance is taken care of and the property is prepared and ready for each owners visit, unlike a wholly owner property where each owner is required to pay all their own bills organize maintenance etc ..

GoldAcre Estates have been in Fuerteventura Real Estate for the last 8 years and some 12 years in the Canary Islands in total, they have offices in Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Greece.

More details can be obtained by contacting GoldAcre Estates on or visiting their website

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